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What is NNAT2?

The NNAT2 was developed for grades Kindergarten through twelfth. It can be taken by the standard, pencil-and-paper format, and also online.  What differentiates the NNAT2 from other assessments is that the NNAT2 does not rely on language or motor skills. Instead, this is a nonverbal assessment that tests general cognitive ability, proving useful for many students who have language barriers or who have trouble with reading comprehension, mathematics, and other academic areas.


The NNAT2 is assessed on a developmental item response theory, or IRT scale, spanning ages 5-17. The scoring criteria and standards were developed after assessing more than 57,000 students, nationwide, creating the age-based norms.  


The NNAT2 takes only 30 minutes to administer and focuses on pictorial directions which are culturally neutral, allowing for all cultures and languages to participate in. There are seven levels that increase in difficulty, respective to each grade level. This multi-level approach allows for a more accurate determination of student ability.